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White Collar Criminal Representation

Our attorneys have defended clients facing a variety of federal and state investigations and charges, including health care fraud, racketeering, and commodities and securities fraud.

We have successfully guided clients through all of the various stages of a criminal case: grand jury; motion practice; plea and disposition negotiations; trial; sentencing; and appeal.

We also conduct internal corporate investigations resulting from an action such as a media report or whistleblower, a grand jury or administrative subpoena, or undertaken at the initiative of company management. We also provide counseling and representation to help clients avoid criminal liability and civil exposure before and during investigations, and advise and assist in the development and implementation of effective corporate detection and compliance policies.

In recent years it has become much more common for white-collar criminal cases to begin as or to include civil fraud or other parallel actions. And potential penalties can go well beyond fines to include forfeiture and serious prison sentences. It is critical that an individual who has come has been subpoenaed in conjunction with such investigations in matters relating to real estate and mortgage fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, SEC enforcement, RICO actions and the like, or who is the subject of a quasi-criminal investigation, seek counsel immediately.